Our medical centre in North Parramatta currently has four doctors providing medical services.


Dr Hani Tawk.

MB BS, MM (STDs/HIV), PhD (Sydney Uni), FRACGP

Dr Hani Tawk holds a European Medical Degree and a Master in Medicine in Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV from the University of Sydney and completed years of medical training in this area and many research projects.

In 2002, he won the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) scholarship award for a PhD at the University of Sydney. He joined the Viral Hepatitis Group in the department of Infectious with Bosh Professor Yvonne Cossart. The PhD was focusing on the Epidemics and Disease prevention of Hepatitis B and C viral infection and it was completed in 2006.

As a medical researcher & an academic for many years, Dr Tawk contributed to medical research by publishing a list of papers in highly ranked international journals and presented in international conferences. Academically, he taught medical students in the medical faculty and still affiliated with Western Sydney University and Sydney University and constantly he will have medical students rotating with him in his clinic.

Driven by his passion to explore Australia and gaining further experience and skills in emergency medicine in rural and remote setting. He worked for many years as an emergency doctor in many remote hospitals in New South Wales before he decided to join the Royal Australia College of General Practice and completed a Fellowship in Family Medicine.
Dr Tawk has a wide interest and deep knowledge in disease prevention particularly in Life Style Medicine. He promotes healthy life style and physical and emotional wellbeing. Also, he is committed as a health profession to add more days to patient life and add more life to their day by reducing patient physical and psychological pain and suffering.
He is widely traveled and exposed to many different cultures  and speaks few different languages.
He brings a wealth of personal and life experience, and a broad based clinical exposure and deep medical knowledge in a wide area of medicine.

Dr Peter Gilbertson.

MBBS, BSc [Med] Sydney University

Dr Peter Gilbertson holds a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery attained at the University of Sydney. A fellow of the RACGP, he also holds a Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) and has published research in the area of immunology. Dr Gilbertson a very experienced doctor with many  years of practice and a very wide medical interest and exposure. He particularly enjoys complex and chronic cases and like to establish a long term relationship and continuity of care with his patient. He uses a multidisciplinary approach, combining western medicine with allied health, complementary medicines and physical/psychological therapies. 




Dr Roberta Leary.

MB. BSc. Hons 

Dr Roberta Leary, holds a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery attained at The University of Sydney. A fellow of the RACGP, Dr Leary’s special interests lie in mental health, nutrition, complementary medicine, and hormonal health. She particularly enjoys fostering robust doctor/patient relationships, and investigating and resolving long standing health issues.





Dr Bijal Ghelani.


Dr Bijal Ghelani graduated from the University of Mumbai and subsequently obtained Graduate Diploma in public health from University of Adelaide and she is a Fellow of the Royal Australian college of GP.

She also undertook further training and has special interests in women’s health, mental health and chronic disease management. Dr Ghelani has many years of medical experience and a wide exposure. She has a wide interest and particularly enjoys the diverse nature of general practice, and fostering robust relationships with families. She is fluent in Hindi,Gujarati and Marathi.



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